• Shape your eyebrows to enhance your natural beauty.

    30 US dollars
  • Eyebrow mapping, shaping and customised tint.

    45 US dollars
  • Smooth and clean your upper lip.

    20 US dollars
  • Enhance your eyes with a tint, to make your lashes look flawless.

    20 US dollars
  • Awaken your skin... and soul with this restoring facial.

    80 US dollars
  • Restore your mind, body, and skin in this 60-minute facial.

    95 US dollars
  • A soothing, youthful, and radiant facial.

    95 US dollars
  • A luxurious collagen-based mask, aiding in cell turnover

    15 US dollars
  • Free 50 Minute Initial Health Consultaition

  • Drop into the energetic body through meditation.

    40 US dollars
  • Release. Realign. Restore. Yoga curated for your body, mind and soul.

    45 US dollars