Awaken Your Divine Feminine

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When you hear the word feminine what comes to mind? Being a women in a world that for centuries suppressed our empowerment and instead awarded male dominance, I was taught to distance myself from my feminine side. Qualities like intuition, creativity, compassion, and sensuality lost their power and instead are deemed weak and or unnecessary for success. Today women have more freedom than ever before, and yet our feminine nature is still imprisoned. For a woman to be deemed successful they must mirror male leaders: “strong”, “independent” and “intelligent”. And although those are all respectable qualities to have, success isn’t cookie-cutter, right? Success is chasing after your dreams, and accomplishing them. Success is listening to your divine purpose and silencing the external world to get there. Success is having joy in who you are and achieving bliss within your life.

It’s important to understand that both masculine and feminine are divine and both lie within all humans. As bio-individual beings, we all fluctuate in terms of how we are aligned with our feminine and masculine self, sometimes we will have an excess of feminine and other times excess of masculine, and sometimes we are in a balanced state.

What is the Divine Feminine?

Our feminine side, also known as our left side, the yin to the yang, and connected to our second chakra is known to cultivate feelings of safety, creativity, playfulness, sensuality, compassion, intuition, emotional awareness, and possibilities. When we are balanced with our divine feminine we step into the archetypes of the creator, the artist, the child, the mother, and the teacher.

Channeling your divine feminine side allows us as humans to navigate through the chaos without attachment, and instead with a more flowy approach, and how beautiful is that? Once you can understand what the divine feminine entails, you will be able to observe where you are missing her presence. For instance, if you are having a blockage with your sensuality and therefore not able to enjoy sex, that is a clear indicator your feminine energy might be out of balance. Or if you are trying to create something whether that’s painting, writing or redecorating your bedroom and having a hard time cultivating new ideas, that may mean your feminine energy needs some love.

How to Awaken Your Divine Feminine?

Now more than ever there is a yearning for the embodiment of the divine feminine. We need the light of this energy in all humans and in our world, to provide compassion, love, and authenticity. Here are some practices to welcome in the divine feminine.

  1. Move Ecstatically. There tends to be a lot of the masculine energy engraved in various movement practices. Take a weightlifting session or a set sequenced yoga class, within either lies organized planned movements. To honor the divine feminine fluid, nonbinding movement is ideal. Think of dancing without a script, or yoga without any destination. Allow joy to move through your body.

  2. Honor Your Intuition. We all are born with this deep-seated intuition, and over time we learn to question it until we forget it altogether. Intuition is a core feminine quality. In order to regain your intuition start meditating, journaling, play with dissecting your dreams and play with tarot cards.

  3. Tap into Your Sensuality. Arriving into your sensuality is something that may take time, and that's ok. We all have different experiences surrounding pleasure, and therefore our sensual side can sometimes be a bit tricky to get to. Try exploring your sensual nature by observing the pleasures of the body, through sex, sleep, food, and relaxation

  4. Open up your Sacral Chakra. The sacral chakra lies in the womb space and is home to the feminine energy in all beings. It is associated with the color orange and holds space for creativity and sensuality. A lot of times if this chakra is out of balance, the feminine energy will be as well. In order to check in on this sacred space try a sacral chakra visualization meditation to open and restore the womb space.

  5. Celebrate your Inner Mother. We all have access to various different archetypes within ourselves, the mother being one. The mother is the creator of life, the part of us who loves to nurture and to love. Understanding that you have the archetype of the mother within you can be a beautiful way to unleash abundant love. Grab a pen and paper and draw what your inner mother appears as. Hold space for her and realize she is within you. I hope that you are excited to welcome the divine feminine into your mind, body, and soul, as it is SOul needed right now. Sending love and blessings.

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