Reconnect To Your Root Chakra

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

There is a huge shift occurring right now in our universe, and boy am I feeling it. As a collective there have been so many changes in individuals' careers, relationships, finances, safety, home environment, and health, causing widespread chaos and panic. Often with change comes fear. Right? Fear of where the next paycheck is coming from. Fear of ending that relationship that's no longer serving.Fear of shifting your career.Fear of moving somewhere new. Fear of losing someone you love. My friend, you are not alone. We all have experienced the anxiety, fear, anger, and depression that accompany fear.

When we mesh with the chaos of the external, we forget to take care of our internal. We become engulfed in the fear, the change, that our own needs eventually become forgotten. Anytime we feel a loss of safety or stability our root chakra can become out of balance.

Our root chakra, Muladhara, is the first chakra located at the base of your spine and the first three vertebrae. It is comprised of the aspects that ground you within your life. This includes basic survival needs such as water, food, shelter, and safety, as well as, your emotional needs. When these needs are taken care of you will feel safe and stable.

Imbalances In The Root Chakra

If there is an imbalance in your root chakra the effects can stream into your everyday life. In the physical body, imbalances appear in the colon, bladder, elimination issues, lower back pain, and foot problems. In mental anxiety disorders, eating disorders, fear and nightmares can all occur.

How to Balance The Root Chakra

To facilitate feelings of safety and to balance your root chakra it is essential to come back to the self and to eliminate the ego. When Muladhara is in balance, it is an invitation to open the chakras above it. Think of when you are planting a tree, healthy and solid soil will facilitate a strong vivacious tree for years to come. Below are 6 ways to nurture and rebalance your root chakra.


Melting your bare toes with the earth is a novel way to combat free radicals (inflammation, stress, trauma, and toxic environments) and maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. Making connections to the motherland is a beautiful way to tap into feelings of support. Through direct contact with your feet on the earth, it will amplify your vibration and please your root chakra.

Eat grounding foods

When you are feeding your root chakra, aim for foods derived from the ground. Think root vegetables: carrots, beets, sweet potato, parsnips, radishes, etc these types of foods are a labor of love derived from the earth and will aid in connecting you to your root chakra.


Muladhara is associated with the color Red, therefore healing stones like Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, and obsidian are wonderful to help balance, open and restore your Muladhara.

Mindful Movement

Finding slow movement can be a great way to get out of the monkey brain, and come back to yourself. Practicing yoga asanas such as Malasana, Utanasa, Mountain Pose, Childs Pose, and Savasana is an excellent way to calm the nervous system, and also open up your root chakra.

Seated Meditation

Allowing yourself sacred time to breathe is so powerful. Meditation is ALWAYS a great idea, but especially when your root chakra is in need of some love. Start by creating a place to sit and meditate, cleanse the space, and make it comforting.

  1. Begin seated on the ground, or a chair, and envision a chord of energy on the top of your head, pulling you up. Allow this chord to lengthen your head neck and spine. Take a few deep breathes here.

  2. Focus on your feet, feel the earth caressing your feet, the earth loving your feet. Imagine roots stemming from your feet into the ground, connecting your deep into the earth. With every exhale the roots web deeper into the earth.

  3. Next draw attention to your lower back and pelvis area, begin to breathe in and out of this space. Start to envision a red circle at the base of your spine. Observe the shade of red. Notice the size. Is it static? Perhaps the circle is spinning. As you continue to breathe, notice how this cube feels and the insights it offers relating to any blockages or any imbalances you might have.

  4. Slowly start to expand this circle with a breath, allow it to become bigger, brighter. Watch as it starts to move in a clockwise direction, spinning with ease and love. Observe as the circle spins faster and begins to move freely- up and downside to side. Feel embodied in this beautiful red energy.

  5. Allow this energy to permeate your existence, feel full, feel present, and feel gratitude. Phase-out on your own terms.

  6. I Am

  7. Affirmations are a wonderful way to replenish your physical and mental being. For your 1st chakra, it is important to focus on your primal needs and the aspect of security-I am safe, I am grounded in who I am, I am powerful and rooted, I am connected to myself and others, etc. Set aside time to solidify your affirmations by either writing, speaking, or breathing them into existence.


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