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We all are born as energetic beings, a little bundle of joy and perfect individuality, curated with specific gifts to bless this world with, and as we make our way through the world, our light that once shined so bright begins to dim. We begin to follow blindly into the traps of societal norms- the shoulds. Who we should be, what clothes we should wear, where we should live, when we should get married, etc. So, we follow the shoulds rather than the intuition, we go where we should and do what we should. Soon enough we forget what made us scream for joy, the things that made our heart sing, the fuel to our fire, and instead we become lost. Lost in the external world. Lost in the shoulds. Lost in a job that was never meant for us. Lost in a relationship that is not fulfilling. Lost in our body. Lost in our mind. Lost in our soul.

When we become lost through society's directions we are forced to listen to our internal compass. As we begin to tune out of the external noise we begin to hear our soul speak. This place of deepest understanding and wisdom lies within you, there to guide you back home. And the soul reminds us, just because you are lost doesn’t mean you have to stay lost.

It’s time to shift, back to YOU. Mediation, movement, and manifestation are 3 sacred practices I use to reconnect to my divine self. These practices are crafted for you and will deepen the relationship between your mind, body, and soul.

Power Of Meditation

Creating a mediation practice is the best gift you can offer yourself. Mediation combats anxiety, depression, anger, shame, self-loathing, etc, and invites you on a rich journey of self-discovery and universal compassion.

Now, let’s be honest meditation can seem intimidating at first, especially if you are not used to sitting still (and who is?). In a society where we pride ourselves on being busy, and constantly doing it can be hard to rationalize time for meditation. Right? But actually creating time to ground down and just be with your breath will translate into everything else you do. Start small. You don’t need to dive into hour-long meditation sessions, to reap the benefits. I suggest starting with 3-5 minutes every day. Yes, 3-5 minutes EVERY DAY, whenever you can wherever that may be ( in your home, after a workout, outside, before lunch, in the shower, before bed). By sprinkling meditation into your everyday life you will begin to shift the way you think and react in a more embodied way.

  1. To begin cleanse your space- light a candle, move your clutter, and find a place to sit. Next set a timer if that is helpful for you. Close your eyes, find a tall spine, relax your shoulders away from your ears, and clear your body and mind with 3 deep breaths.

  2. Continue to breathe and observe the breath that enters through your nostrils and into your body. As you exhale, observe the breath that leaves your mouth. Observe the beauty of your breath. No two breathes are the same. How amazing is that?

  3. Offer a few minutes to observe how you are doing- mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  4. Once your timer goes off slowly rephase into your day.

Know that we all are human, thoughts will come and thoughts go, just do your best to stay present.

Power Of Movement

Moving your body is great for your physical self and mental self, but what about your energetic self? As human beings, much like a sponge, we absorb a plethora of information, sounds, sights, smells, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If you want the best use of your sponge, once your sponge is full of water you rinse it out. So, if you want the best version of a human, once a human is full of experiences you rinse them out. Yes? Yes, you have to move stagnate, overwhelming, positive, negative energy around in order to vibrate at your highest capacity. Now, the movement doesn’t have to be 50 burpees, a 3-mile run, a 60-minute vinyasa class. Can it be any of those things? Of course, but the movement isn’t limited to vigorous exercise. An evening stroll, dancing to your favorite song, or a nice stretch will all do. Make movement a priority, cherish your body. Carve out 30 minutes a day where you can rinse out what no longer serves, and get your mind, body, and energy balance.

Power Of Manifestation

If you could envision yourself at your highest self, what would it look like? Now, take a moment and get clear, consider the big things and the little things. Did you get it? Where would you be? Is it on a beach? At your home in bed? Kicking ass in your office? Grabbing coffee with your best friend? What do you look like? What do you smell? What do you hear? Really get specific paint a vivid image in your mind's eye. Now write it down, speak it into existence or meditate about it.

Now through reinforcement of this image, dedication, and true belief watch it come to fruition. That my friend is a manifestation. Manifestation is not wishful thinking. It is an understanding that your thoughts and dreams can be your reality through the law of attraction and actions aligned with your manifestation.

I originally started manifesting in my journal, I would pick a topic ( Job, relationship(s), house, friends, etc) and write about it in my ideal world as if it was already happening. I would be specific and explain exactly how I envisioned every little detail. You can also manifest by saying your dream out loud or through a visual meditation. Try it out! Sit without distractions and figure out what it is you want, then begin to manifest.

These 3 tools have radically transformed my life. Through meditation, movement, and manifestation I have a deeper understanding of who I am along with a stronger connection to the universe. Commit to yourself, and add these 3 lovely practices to your life today.

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