Why Knowing Your Love Language Is Important For Self Care.

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

What does self-care look like to you? Is it your body soaking in a warm, bubble-filled bath after a long day of work? An intense workout to get your endorphins going? A night out to let off steam and change your physicality? Or perhaps a nourishing smoothie packed with fruits and veggies to fuel your body? Or if you're like me, an evening of solitude and silence accompanied by the aroma of incense. While all of those are great forms of self-care, different practices nourish and fuel different people.

Self Care and Love Languages

The art of self-care is essential to overall well-being. We all are taught how you can't show up for others if you don’t show up for yourself, and this idea is so cardinal, as self-care is the fuel to our deepest self. Within the realm of self-care, the options are endless, which can make treating yourself difficult and overwhelming. Like food and exercise, we all flourish from different things, and self-care is no exception to that rule. Understanding your specific love language will allow you to unlock a deeper sense of wellbeing within yourself. There are 5 different Love Languages- words of affirmation, touch, quality time, acts of service, and gifts. Recognizing which love language speaks to you is vital for self-care.

What Is Your Love Language?

After reading the 5 types of love languages, it's likely one stood out to you. If not take a moment to reflect on what you desire and crave in your life, or simply take the quiz here. The quiz will offer results, and from there you can observe what your primary love language is (the language you scored highest in). I find that it's common for people to score highly in two categories, but one taking a slightly higher score. For instance, I scored a 33% in quality time and 30% in physical touch. While it's of paramount importance to know which language(s) are your top, also knowing your lower scored love language(s) offers a view to what is not of importance to you.

Using Your Love Language For Self Care?

Understanding what you desire in life is a fantastic tool to unlocking a custom self-care ritual that will be advantageous to your well being.

If your scored highest in WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, these following self-care tips are for you my friend: Write yourself 10 positives I am statements, create a gratitude jar, journal on your strengths, and say to yourself ” I love you” and “I am proud of you”.

If you scored highest in TOUCH, then Hunny these next few are for you: Give yourself an oil massage (If you are looking for new oil, I love this oil), hug an animal or a tree. move your body or perform a facial on yourself.

If you scored highest in QUALITY TIME, these tips are yours: Carve out an hour with no distractions for some 1:1 time…with yourself (no technology or others humans), meditate, establish a bedtime schedule for optimal sleeping, take yourself out to dinner or set aside time to move your body.

If you scored highest in ACTS OF SERVICE, then my dear here are some tips: Maintain a clean environment, meal prep yourself nourishing meals, intuitively listen to your body and plan out time to take care of yourself.

If you scored highest in GIFTS, then I got you covered with some tips: Buy yourself a treat that you really enjoy, invest in your dreams (education, home, pet, career, etc), gift yourself the permission to relax and rest or take off days when you need it.

Nurture yourself, and enjoy these practices


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